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Andrea Tinianow, Esq. is a global business leader with extensive experience in business development, law, blockchain, international business and government.

Her global network includes tech leaders, top corporate attorneys, government officials, international business executives and multipliers, and corporate governance professionals.

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Articles and Insights

When Blockchains Crash, Who Can You Sue?

February 10, 2019

Delaware corporate law is rich in rules arising from issues of trust and the application of fiduciary duties. Usually the rules relate to whether the directors of a corporate board have breached their fiduciary duty of care or loyalty to the company or shareholders. While this framework affords directors considerable leeway to manage the affairs…

The Case of Symphony, Volantis and the Missing Bitcoins

January 16, 2019

There is a dispute underway that involves fraud, greed and the disappearance of millions of dollars of both fiat currency and bitcoin. It is a cautionary tale for anyone who believes that investing in bitcoin is like investing in any other commodity. Since this is an ongoing case, there has not been a final decision…

Insurance Interrupted: How Blockchain Innovation is Transforming the Insurance Industry

January 16, 2019

Blockchain innovation is taking hold in the insurance industry. And, it just might be the rocket fuel for transformative change in the insurance sector. According to Walid Al Saqqaf, founder of InsureBlocks, a leading educational resource for blockchain in the insurance industry, blockchain technology will become the foundational layer for a new way of doing…

Virtual Perfection: Digital Assets On a Blockchain

December 12, 2018

Written by Russell DaSilva and Andrea Tinianow We are moving into a digital world in which nearly everything of material value can be represented digitally on a blockchain. Assets will be in unit form and native to the blockchain, like cryptocurrency; or a digital avatar of something that exists outside the blockchain, such as a…

How Maersk’s Bad Business Model Is Breaking Its Blockchain

October 30, 2018

Maersk—the largest shipping container company in the world—took the bold step of forming a blockchain-enabled platform called TradeLens to transform the shipping industry. However, up until now, only a single shipper has signed on to use the platform, and it’s my view that few others will join. Although the concept is a natural fit for…

Prestigious Accounting Association Takes On Blockchain Technology

October 18, 2018

There is global interest in what a shared distributed ledger means for the accounting industry. With more than 7,000 members worldwide, one need look no further than the American Accounting Association — the premier organization of accounting academics—for  proof. For more than 100 years, the AAA’s members have been responsible for training the next generation…

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Tokenized Securities Are Not Secured By Delaware Blockchain Amendments

July 6, 2018

In the last year, more and more blockchain entrepreneurs have sought to leverage public blockchains, such as Ethereum, to create registries allowing for the recording and transferring of assets, such as diamonds, real estate and securities, through a system that allows the assets to be represented by specific computer code, often referred to as tokens.…

The Blockchain Ecosystem In Sāo Paulo: It’s Maravilhosa

June 11, 2018

Brazil is full of contradictions and opportunity. It is the eighth largest economy in the world and ranked third for having the most entrepreneurs. I got a glimpse of Brazil’s innovative entrepreneurial culture when I visited MAR ventures, a Sāo Paulo-based venture builder, and then again when I met with attorneys in Sāo Paulo. However,…


Why ICOs Could Eat Delaware’s Lunch

April 30, 2018

Andrea Tinianow, Esq. is chief innovation officer at Global Kompass Strategies and was, until January, head of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative. David Adlerstein is a corporate attorney at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.   Over many decades, the State of Delaware has established a preeminent position as the jurisdiction of choice for businesses to organize,…

Blockchain for Lawyers

April 24, 2018

Blockchain for Lawyers American Bar Association By Andrea Tinianow, Esq.  Chief Innovation Officer, Global Kompass Strategies The recent cryptocurrency frenzy has generated much buzz about blockchain technology, and attorneys everywhere are scrambling to get up to speed on the underlying tech and its applications. However, rather than taking a deep dive into the bits and…