Andrea Tinianow is known for leading a broad range of initiatives, including creating strategic partnerships; developing new products and services; entering new and untapped markets; and helping organizations identify breakthrough opportunities.

At ease working with a variety of stakeholders no matter the level, Andrea is a strategic, collaborative, and innovative leader who naturally conceives ideas, develops a plan, and sees it through to fruition.

Her business development practice focuses on these areas: Blockchain, Government, International, Legal.

Accomplishments include:

  • Conceived ground breaking initiatives in the public sector
  • Revitalized a failing business
  • Created new revenue streams in the private and public sectors
  • Led trade missions across the globe with significant impact
  • Conceived and developed top-selling legal publications
  • Devised and moderated workshops for lawyers and judges
  • Developed programs for women executives and professionals

Andrea’s outstanding achievements include:

The founding director of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative which gave rise to the “Blockchain Amendments” to Delaware’s General Corporation Law. These amendments expressly authorize corporations to issue shares and maintain their stock ledgers on a blockchain.

Crafted amendments adopted by the Delaware Supreme Court that extend attorney client protections to international businesses that own or otherwise control Delaware business entities.

Established the First Book First State Initiative, a State of Delaware partnership with First Book, a non-profit that provides quality books to children in need. In its first year, the Initiative delivered 50,000 free books to disadvantaged children and, in conjunction with the Governor's Office, raised funds to establish "special needs" closets in Delaware's 45 poorest schools.

Conceived and spearheaded the first ever Delaware-branded online incorporation platform in partnership with public sector actors (Division of Libraries and Division of Corporations) and private sector corporate service providers, to serve the Delaware entrepreneurial community.

Andrea revitalized CSC’s publishing business that was losing money and customers. She switched publishers,  moving the business to LexisNexis . She developed a second volume of Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities. This set became, and still is, the number one best seller for LexisNexis.

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